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CSCI3302 Introduction to Robotics 2015 Teaching Robotics using Baxter and Sparki Teaching Chemistry using Robot Swarms
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The Associated Press: Advances in Robotic Materials stuck in lab Materials that couple sensing, actuation, computation and communication Droplets meet Philip Glass
 Intro to Robotics Projects 2014  Robotic Gardeners & the Future of Food in Deep Space  Robotic Assembly using the DNA Tile Assembly Model
Experience-based motion planning Baxter Research Robot CU Boulder Interview Droplets crowd-funding campaign
Parameter identification of flexible objects endo/exo (2013) TEDx Pearlstreet – From Swarm Robotics to a “Liquid that thinks”
Menu for Mars The droplets that make a liquid that thinks Swarm Wall (2012)
TEDx Front Range – Robotic Polycultures Brain Computer Interface Soft autonomous materials
Building a Distributed Robot Garden The Cow Whisperer SwisTrack – A tracking tool for Robotics and Biological Systems

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